Nature’s Ninjas

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This exhibit offers some of the most incredible defense adaptations in the animal kingdom with live animals and demonstrations! Every species of animal has evolved some mechanism to protect themselves from attack – every animal has a self-defense strategy; size, claws, teeth, venom, poison, and so many more. Nature’s Ninjas explores some of the most common and most unique mechanisms of self-defense in the animal kingdom in this kid-friendly, interactive, live animal exhibit.

Included in this exhibit will be varied species of animals, vibrant panels of content about the animals and their natural disguises, and a full-time staff member to educate guests.

Live animals include:
Ferret, Armadillo, Rhinoceros Iguana, Red-Footed Tortoise, Porcupine, Boa Constrictor, Green Iguana, Hedgehog, Rough Neck Monitor, Asian Water Monitor, Ball Python, Hog Nose Snake, Garter Snake, Bearded Dragon, Blue Tongue Skin, Leopard Gecko, Day Gecko, Cane Toad, Stripe Knee Tarantula, Flat Rock Scorpion, Budgies, Short-Tailed Opossum, Kingsnake, & more!

The animals will safely arrive from accredited Little Rays Nature Center, where they will acclimate at the MOST for a few weeks before becoming a part of the regular exhibits. The animals will be under consistent care every day through a trained and educated staff member provided by Little Rays Nature Center.

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