Innovation Station – Now Online!

What were phones, radios, televisions, and other technologies like when you were growing up? The Syracuse Innovation Station is a new exhibit – opened January 4, 2020 – featuring past and present innovations and inventions in the Syracuse area, giving you and your family an opportunity to talk about technology and change together!

Local innovators visit the museum each month to demonstrate new technologies and innovations of the present, while photographs, patent documents, and other artifacts will highlight innovations and industries of the past, from the Burns serrated knife and Brannock device to the shot clock and Syracuse Salt Yards.

Due to COVID-19, we can’t show you demonstrations in our Innovation Station, but we can bring the content to YOU!

Whether you’re a budding inventor, a local history buff, or just curious about the industries and innovations that make Syracuse great, our new Innovation Blog is for you! Check out historical features, videos, activity ideas, current events, and more as we take the MOST’s Syracuse Innovation Station exhibit digital!

Innovation Station Blog:

Innovation Station Blog – Guest Contributions:

Learn about Syracuse’s inventive past and enjoy its current innovative state firsthand through the Innovation Station!