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What were phones, radios, or televisions like when you were growing up? What are they like now? The Syracuse Innovation Station is an exhibit featuring innovations, industries, and inventions unique to the Syracuse area, giving you and your family an opportunity to talk about technology and change together! From the famous salt yards and CNY Drone Corridor to the Brannock device and Franklin automobile, explore the technological history of our region as well as the developments of the future.

Check back often – new displays and demonstrations are added regularly to highlight the ongoing advancements happening in our area! New stories and features can also be found on the Innovation Station Blog.

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NEW Innovation Station Feature: Lacrosse (dehoñtjihgwa’és) Presented by the American Indian Law Alliance

Live stick making by Alfie Jacques on Saturday, May 22 from 10 am – 12 pm at the MOST.

The game known today as lacrosse blends contemporary sports innovations with the traditions and core values of “the creator’s game,” which traces its origins to the Haudenosaunee, or People of the Longhouse. Made up of Six Nations, the Haudenosaunee are the indigenous peoples upon whose ancestral lands the museum now stands. Explore stories of the birth and development of lacrosse, and learn more about the science behind the game in the newest addition to the MOST Innovation Station, “LACROSSE (dehoñtjihgwa’és).”

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