Upstate Medical University Life Sciences

What does the inside of your heart sound like? How many different smells can a human identify? What makes you YOU?  Discover the answers to these questions and more as you explore the science of human anatomy, genetics, and medicine in the Upstate University Hospital Life Sciences exhibit at the MOST! Take a virtual journey through the human body, see yourself in infrared, and test your skills at our brain games as you explore the science of what makes us human.

Rothschild Apothecary Shop—Step back through time as you enter the Rothschild Apothecary Shop sponsored by Kinney Drugs Foundation, an authentic recreation of a c.1900 pharmacy! Donated by Alan Rothschild in honor of the Rothschild Apothecary Shop that proudly served downtown Syracuse, the shop exhibit is a window into life, health, and medicine in the early 20th century. Discover the origins of our modern-day sodas, find out what medicine you may have been prescribed for a toothache, and practice hands-on techniques used in the shop more than a hundred years ago! Exhibit access subject to staff availability.  

Big Ideas: Genetics, Medical Science, Human Anatomy, Cellular Biology, Neuroscience

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