Sustainability Fund

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There has never been a more exciting time in the history of the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology. For the first time in its near 40-year history, the museum is opening an agency fund through the Central New York Community Foundation to establish long-term growth & sustainability.

The MOST needs your help to grow our new agency fund, and right now your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous, anonymous donor.

Sustainability is the prime notion of this initiative. It is generated both by taking action today and having a plan for tomorrow. Sustainability is not a destination, it is how we draw the map.

Every year, thousands of students depend on MOST outreach programs for accessible opportunities to earn life-changing scholarships and make important connections. With this new agency fund, these valuable STEM programs are bolstered and new programs become possible.

With your donation, you will ensure the preservation of programs that invest in our youth by providing accessible opportunities that will resonate now and into their future.

These students are motivated by a vision of dynamic innovation and enduring change. Inspired by the curiosity & wonder found through programs like the Central New York Science & Engineering Fair (CNYSEF), participants are already improving the world you live in today.

There may be no better example than Maximilian Du, a six-year veteran of the CNYSEF. Max, grade 12, has received multiple high honors and prestigious scholarships throughout his involvement. In 2019, his project on wind power prediction models earned him a second-consecutive finalist spot at the International Science & Engineering Fair where he competed with other students from around the globe.

Max is already using his CNYSEF experience to transform the cutting-edge field of Artificial Intelligence. Just recently, he was invited to the IEEE International Renewable Energy & Power Engineering Conference where he presented his 2019 CNYSEF project research to professors and industry leaders.

Your contribution is a continuing promise to support STEM education for students like Max who are committed to solving the challenges of tomorrow.

Each dollar gifted is a pledge to provide and sustain their access to free, life-changing STEM programs like the CNYSEF. The cost of these programs is always rising and sponsorship dollars continue to cover only a portion of the expense. Your help is needed to maintain and strengthen these longstanding & impactful programs.

With your donation, you will ensure that every generation of youth can experience the transformative excitement of discovery, and that no one is excluded because they cannot afford to participate.

Throughout our history, the MOST has pioneered STEM education for CNY – but it was your visits, memberships, and support that brought the museum from a small, downtown storefront to the heart of the historic Armory Square District.

Only through your support today will the museum enter its next chapter; one in which access to informal STEM education flourishes and world-changing ideas come to life.

With your donation, you will ensure that the MOST and its STEM programs remain a community resource forever.


Lauren Kochian, President

P.S. – Right now, your donation to our new agency fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous, anonymous donor!