Summerwood Pediatrics Presents: Be the Scientist

Be the Scientist Saturdays allow visitors to learn, engage, and explore the activities of a different type of scientist each month. Visitors receive an explorer card to track progress through the program’s three steps: Learn, Engage & Explore.

Step 1 (Learn) features a tabling exercise teaching the basic principles of the monthly scientist’s discipline. Visitors move to a different location for Step 2 (Engage), which features a tabling exercise including hands-on interaction in an activity the scientist might undertake in real life. Finally, visitors encounter Step 3 (Explore), which is an exploration of a MOST exhibit relating to the work of the monthly scientist.

Make your way through each step successfully and have your explorer card punched to mark your completion. Complete 12 sessions to earn your special mystery prize! All are welcome to participate! Most suitable for children ages 6 and up.


November 24 – Be the Mathematician

December 29 – Be the Epidemiologist

January 26 – Be the Veterinarian

February 23 – Be the Anthropologist

March 30 – Be the Botanist

April 27 – Be the Environmental Scientist

May 25 – Be the Orthopedist

June 29 – Be the Entomologist

(Topics subject to change)