Micron at the MOST

Micron STEAM Explorers Inclusion Programs

Through hands-on programming and collaboration with our community partners, the STEAM Explorers Inclusion Programs are one way the MOST ensures that science learning is available for all!

Micron STEM Inclusion Showcases Sponsored by Toyota

MOST hosts monthly showcases in the Innovation Station Exhibit area on achievements and innovations of underrepresented groups of scientists: February Black Scientist Showcase, March Women in STEM, May Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month Scientist, June LGBTQ Scientist, September Hispanic Scientist, and November Indigenous Innovations. Biographical information and displays about their lives, accomplishments, and career journeys are paired with hands-on activities exploring their field or work, typically in conjunction with nationally and/or internationally recognized heritage celebrations.

Black Scientist Showcase – February 2023

Women in STEM – March 2023

Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month – May 2023

Pride Month – June 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month – September 2023

Native American Heritage Month – November 2023

Micron Events at the MOST

Chip Camp
Chip Camp piques students’ curiosity and challenges their minds through hands-on STEM and semiconductor activities. Interested students who sign up for Chip Camp will get to:

  • Learn how memory chips are made
  • Discover the science involved in building circuits, launching rockets and programming robots
  • Explore engineering, physics, chemistry and computer science topics
  • Be mentored by Micron team members and engineering students from local universities

Final Chip Camp celebration was held at the MOST!

Girls Going Tech
Girls Going Tech is a unique model that blends STEM activities with mentorship to inspire female, nonbinary and gender-fluid middle school students to pursue tech careers.

Activities for Girls Going Tech are designed to enhance creativity and improve the world through STEM. Students experience how to use STEM principles to solve real world problems and make a difference in their communities.

Final Girls Going Tech celebration was held at the MOST!