Sensory Friendly Time

Sensory Friendly Time Presented by Visions Federal Credit Union

During Sensory Friendly Time, the Museum turns down the noise, turns off flashing lights, shuts off the air compressors, and turns on the house lights so people with sensory processing challenges can enjoy the MOST. Sensory Friendly kits containing a variety of items are always available to be signed out at the Science Shop during regular museum hours and Sensory Friendly Time.

Admission: Free for members; $5 for nonmembers

2020 Schedule

  • Third Saturday of each month, from 4:30 – 8 PM:
    • October 17th
    • November 21st
    • December 19th

Special sensory-friendly tabling activities; museum sounds and lights reduced; sensory kits always available to sign out from Science Shop 

For more information, contact MOST Director of Education & Programming, Emily Stewart.

Sensory Friendly Time was recognized with an award from the State of New York in April 2012.


Sensory Friendly Time At-Home Learning:

STEM Sensory Bins

We at the MOST love sensory bins, and if you can’t visit ours in the Earth Science Cave or STEM Story Time Room, you can easily create one at home! We’ve gathered our suggestions for creating a hands-on sensory bins here, and we’ll continue to add more as we develop them. 

And remember! For young children, STEM learning doesn’t have to mean rocket science – it’s about fostering their natural scientific thinking. Ask questions before, during, and after the activities about what they think will happen, what they notice/observe, and what they learned. Encouraging discovery and curiosity are fundamental to the learning process!

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