Making wind turbines move in Energy exhibit

National Grid Energy: Powering Our Future

Energy: Powering our Future is an exciting, interactive exhibit that informs and educates visitors on past, present, and future energy production; conservation and demand; alternative energy sources; and human impact on Earth’s climate and ecosystems. It combines fact-filled panels with video and hands-on pieces that educate about different types of energy: natural gas, wind, hydroelectric, and solar.

Visitors wave their hands above a motion sensor to create wind to make small-scale windmills turn. Race against someone to be the first to light up a city’s electric grid at the hydroelectric station. Use a magnet to move metal balls to the top of a hill and see how micro-hydro generators work.

One screen provides a real-time estimate of when the world’s oil reserves will be depleted: in less than 38 years. But reserves will be in insufficient quantity to power the world in half that time. The screen dramatically shows the seconds of oil availability dropping quickly.

Join us at the 14th Annual Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century on April 20, 2018 at The Links at Erie Village!

Thank you to National Grid for sponsoring this exhibit.

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