NightLab was designed for adults to enjoy an evening out and explore scientific concepts while having a great time. Our first event, NightLab: Brainfreeze, was a huge hit as guests explored the body’s most complex organ – the brain!

BUY TICKETS for Game On!

The next adult programming event, NightLab: Game On!, is presented by Table Hopping Magazine! and will take place on Friday, May 10 from 6 to 8 p.m.

For centuries, games have been used to entertain, tell stories, teach lessons, and challenge minds, but there’s a lot of science that goes into the making – and playing – of an exciting, addictive game, from math and psychology to probability and programming. So whether your game is Candy Crush, Call of Duty, or Catan, join us at the MOST for a playful exploration of the science of gaming at Game On!, where you will:

  • Enjoy cash bar and drink specials from The York
  • Enjoy free Peppino’s Pizza (while supplies last)
  • Play vintage console and PC games from RetroGameCon
  • Play classic and contemporary tabletop games from Play the Game, Read the Story
  • Try out a virtual reality gaming experience or our alternate reality Museum Scavenger Quest
  • Challenge your friends at live-action games designed to reveal the science of gaming, from the psychology of decision-making to the probability of certain outcomes
  • Craft your own pixel art character and learn about the game design process from Syracuse University Computer Art and Animation students and faculty!
  • Enjoy games and promotions from the Museum of Intrigue, Syracuse Society of Geeks, and more!
  • Explore all MOST exhibits, including the Laser Maze Challenge!
  • And much, much more!

BUY TICKETS for Game On!


  • $12 for MOST members
  • $15 for nonmembers
Must be 18+ to attend with valid ID.
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