National Grid Science Learning Partnership

National Grid Science Learning Partnership is a collaboration between the MOST and the Syracuse City School District that annually welcomes every kindergarten, fourth- and eighth-grade student within the district – a total of nearly 5,000 students – into the Museum for a field trip and day of hands-on science experimentation with the MOST’s Education team.

The purpose of the National Grid Science Learning Partnership program is to empower Syracuse City School District students to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts in a hands-on way that is engaging, exciting and directly connected to classroom instruction and the New York State testing curriculum.

By bringing students into the Museum and exposing them to science and hands-on discovery through teachings that utilize various MOST exhibits and first-hand experimentation, the experience students encounter at the MOST compliments and bolsters classroom teachings on STEM topics – curriculum is reinforced in a way that cannot be replicated within the classroom.


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