Dear MOST friends,

As the calendar rolled over to 2020, the MOST had never been more primed for success. The museum had tremendous momentum, coming off a year that saw great advancements across our full line of outstanding education programs. It was going to be a banner year and the excitement was palpable. 

Our plan was to reexamine projects left on the backburner; to reinvest in both our classic infrastructure and our dynamic potential. The decision was made to modernize key components in our current permanent collection and after years of hard work and dedicated support, the MOST was even in position to reexamine large-scale capital projects. Your incredible supporhas been the key to success in everything we do. Your belief in our mission and your willingness to support it has made a difference for nearly 40 years. 

It was not long into the year before we realized that things were going to be much different than predicted, and shortly after that the museum went dark — and the MOST worked through four months with no admissions revenue coming in. 

Fortunately, ingenuity runs deep at the MOST. Even with the doors closed to the public, MOST Educators led the nation in providing virtual content for quarantined families across our community, all supported by you: our donors

As we progressively regained normalcy, the MOST continued to adapt for survival. By using our mission as our guide, to provide informal science learning experiences, an opportunity to serve the community presented itself. After careful planning and consideration, we partially reopened to the public on weekends and launched a new line of summer camps that completely sold out. 

Now, the museum continues to build on this model with STEAM Explorers, our brand-new program designed specifically to support hybrid school schedules. MOST Science Educators are also hard at work to reimagine our entire line of demonstrations as virtual program offerings so that we may continue to serve the Syracuse City School District through the beloved Science Learning Partnership. With your donation, our potential to grow new programs can be limitless. Your support now will ensure a long-lasting legacy of learning and scientific discovery in Central New York. 

Despite new obstacles, the museum remains focused on continuing to reimagine itself. While programs are changing and the museum experience is evolving to meet our adapting environment, our mission is unwavering and more important than ever. 

Your ongoing loyalty has allowed the museum to survive seemingly insurmountable challenges. In the wake of this unique and unforeseen circumstance, your donation to the MOST this year will carry more weight than ever before. If you believe in the significance of accessible science education within your community, now is the time to make your pledge and secure the future of our iconic institution. 

With my most sincere gratitude, 

Lauren Kochian, President

The 2020 CARES Act includes a new tax provision that allows you to deduct up to $300 in donations made to qualifying charities by December 31, even if you don’t itemize. Be sure to make your charitable gifts by the end of the month!

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