Overall view of Flight & Space exhibit

Lockheed Martin Flight & Space

Since the dawn of humankind, people have wanted to take to the skies. From disastrous attempts to mimic bird wings to the first hot air balloon, humans have attempted to conquer flight. But it wasn’t until the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk, N.C., in 1905 that we learned how to overcome the force of gravity.

This exhibit lets you take to the skies! Can you guide an airplane to a safe landing in the MOST’s Control Tower? Get a bird’s-eye view of a major metropolitan area enjoying the helicopter theater, and check out the controls of an F-16 fighter jet by sitting in our cockpit mockup. And in our newest addition, take a spin in our Link Flight Trainer, which was used to train WWII pilots!

After flight was conquered, the United States reached out into space with the Mercury program, Apollo taking us to the moon, the space shuttle program, and now private enterprise leading the way to Mars. Learn about the technology that keeps satellites stable and tells your cellphone what direction it’s facing. Feel the weightlessness of space on the Gravity Jumper. And find out how much you would weigh on Pluto.

Check out our Link Flight Trainer – housed in the Flight & Space exhibit!

It’s all possible in this exhibit, generously sponsored by Lockheed Martin.

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