DECONSTRUCTED presented by Micron

This exhibit is designed to be your guide through the hidden world of microchips.

Every chip begins with a wafer of semiconductor material (usually silicon). Layer by layer, specialized tools and chemicals then embed tiny electronic circuits onto the wafer, giving chips their other name: integrated circuits.

Chips are made differently depending on what task they will perform, but this exhibit focuses on one of the most common: data memory and storage. Just as common as chips that store data are the logic chips that process data to complete computing tasks. (Many people refer to them as the “brains” of an electronic device.) Other types, like application-specific chips, are designed for single, repetitive tasks like barcode scanning.

Find out more about how memory chips are made and used in the many electronic devices that shape our lives, homes, businesses, and beyond in DECONSTRUCTED!

Big Ideas: Semiconductors, Circuits/Integrated Circuits, Memory & Storage