Allison in front of museum, then imagined as a chemist

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Meet Allison, who spent her summer as an intern at the MOST.

At 14, Allison liked science, but didn’t find it all that interesting. “The teacher was at the front of the room showing us the cool stuff, but we didn’t get to do it,” she said. “The MOST showed me that science can be fun!”

Five years ago, Allison participated in the MOST’s annual Honeywell Summer Science Week, a five-day intensive science program for 80 students. Thanks to Honeywell and several generous donors, students attend at no charge.

Now in her second year as a chemistry major at Boston University, Allison spent her summer internship helping to oversee the 2016 Summer Science Week. “Watching the kids learn was the best part,” she said.

The MOST reaches thousands of K-12 students every year. Some participate in our competitions, like the CNY Science & Engineering Fair and Rocket Team Challenge. Others come with their school—nearly 5,000 Syracuse City School District students come for field trips, and we have buses from area schools in our bus loop almost every day. Hundreds of home-schooled students make their way to the MOST as well.

Sponsorships and program fees don’t cover the costs of these programs, yet they play an important role in helping today’s students become tomorrow’s scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians.

We are committed to offering all these programs and more. Would you help? Your tax-deductible donation of any size through our secure online system will make a difference to the students we serve.

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