Animal Habitat Activity

MAKE is a fun workshop space for children that encourages creation using various materials. Due to COVID-19, we can’t offer crafts in our MAKE station, but we can give you all the tools to create at home!

Children are asked to use the supplies given to complete a creation challenge. These challenges ask the children to use their imagination and creativity to solve it. The challenges are all included in your MAKE & TAKE boxes, given to you free when you visit the MOST.

For the most part, the creation is self-directed, but parental supervision is advised for things like using scissors and piecing together items. The MAKE & TAKE boxes are designed to encompass open-ended creativity and instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment in a way that’s fun for children.

You will need: Scissors & masking or scotch tape – we provide everything else!

Check out our Make & Take Boxes below!

Animal Adaptations

Animal Habitat Activity
Build a Bug Camouflage Activity
Build a Bug Camouflage Activity

Flying Machines

Featured in your MAKE & TAKE box is:

  • DIY Helicopter
  • DIY Glider
  • Rubber Band Flying Machine
  • More activities & further exploration ideas…