Discovery Sessions & Kits


MOST Discovery Sessions bring the curiosity and excitement of a MOST visit directly to you! Simply choose the format of delivery and topic that work best for you! All sessions are designed to support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


  • In person at your classroom/location
  • Virtually via online meeting
  • As an add-on to your field trip visit to the MOST


  • Animal Adaptations – Grades 4-8, Food Chain & Natural Selection
  • Explosion Explorers – Grades 5-8, Chemistry (Acid & Bases, Chemical & Physical Reactions)
  • Fantastic Forces – Grades 6-8, Physics of Sports
  • Mirror, Mirror – Grades K-8, Light, Waves, and Colors
  • Rain-Blow Bubbles – Grades UPK-2, Colors, Bubbles, Exploratory science
  • Spectacular Science – Grades 1-6, Optical Illusions and Magical Science Tricks (Physics, Chemistry)
  • Superhero Science – Grades K-8, Materials Science
  • Tails and Tales – Grades 4-8, Animals, Genetics, and Taxonomy
  • Zoom through the Universe – Grades K-5, Astronomy


  • 30-40 minute Discovery Session: $250
  • Two or more 30-40 minute Discovery Sessions: $200 each

To schedule a Discovery Session, please fill out the request form here. These sessions are not only perfect for the classroom, but also for your next birthday party, playdate, or special event night! Don’t see one that fits your needs? Let us know!


Based on teacher feedback and tested by students, MOST Discovery Kits contain all the necessary tools for engaging STEM lessons in a variety of popular topics. Rent for a week, use them during your class, playdate, or birthday party, and return when you’re done! All kits are designed to support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


  • Fossil and Mineral Fun: With fossil, gem, and mineral samples and the tools to examine them, this kit fits perfectly with units in earth science, paleontology or archaeology, geology, and beyond.
  • Pulleys & Planes: Introduce concepts in basic experiment design and simple machines like inclined planes with this set of balls, ramps, and pulleys. Stack, roll, test, and re-test with different variables!
  • Magnetic Magic: What makes magnets stick? With magnets and magnetic objects of all shapes and sizes, this kit allows for open-ended exploration of magnetism and electromagnetism.
  • Amazing Aerodynamics: Explore the aerodynamics of flight with this kit containing resources for stomp rockets, airplane and helicopter challenges, and more. [Recyclable 2-liter bottles not included.]
  • Marble Maze Engineering: Build a marble run or Rube Goldberg device using this classic kit, complete with wooden marble tracks and tons of chutes, drops, bridges, and other fun pieces. Race, run, and have fun – all while exploring the engineering design process!


  • 1 Kit for 10-15 Students (or more in small groups): $50 per week
  • 2 or More Kits for 10-15 Students (or more in small groups): $40 each per week

To rent a Discovery Kit, please fill out the request form here. Kits returned with missing or broken components will be charged for their replacement. Kits returned more than 1 day late will be charged for an additional week of rental. Kits are sanitized between uses and may be picked up and returned at the MOST (500 S. Franklin St.) during open hours. Delivery can be arranged for high-need schools/classrooms, subject to availability. Don’t see one that fits your needs? Let us know!

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