The month of De”STEM”ber* is filled with holiday fun at the MOST. With school vacation and wintry weather, join us for the many family-friendly and safely distanced activities and takeaways we have to offer for all ages.

*DeSTEMber is a fun term we created to pair the month of December with the many STEM education offerings we have for the season.

DeSTEMber programming:

3D Deck the Halls

It’s time to 3D Deck the Halls! Visit the Bristol IMAX Omnitheater lobby to check out our preparations for the winter season: 3D printed ornaments, snowflakes, trains, and other seasonal decorations! Learn about 3D printing, check out the designs, and leave suggestions for our next print!

Stop in from Dec 4th – January 3rd to see these prints in action, or try them out on your home 3D printer using the following design links:

North Pole Constellation Tracker

Follow along as we track the North Pole circumpolar constellations – the set of constellations that circle the North Pole and can be seen any time of year: Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Draco, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor.

Check back each Monday for instructions to find a new North Pole circumpolar constellation, then print out the North Pole Star Tracker puzzle piece to add to your own mini-planetarium puzzle – complete just in time for the holidays!

Looking for a local gift this holiday season? Check out these options: