CNY Rocket Team Challenge 2017 Results

SYRACUSE, NY – Nearly 500 students turned out Saturday, June 3, 2017, for the 15th annual Central New York Rocket Team Challenge at Syracuse University’s Skytop Field. A total of 453 students comprising 62 teams from the junior level (grades four through eight) and 29 teams from the senior level (grades nine through 12), competed on launch trajectory, rocketry knowledge, and other criteria. The next rocket event is scheduled for June 2, 2018.

The event is organized by the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology (MOST) and Syracuse Rocket Club. The event’s sponsors include Lockheed Martin, College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University, Technology Alliance of Central New York (TACNY), and NASA.

Here are the winners of the 2017 CNY Rocket Team Challenge:

Senior Division (grades nine through 12)

First place: We Are Number i^4, which was not affiliated with a school, with team members Daniel Blumenthal, a 12th-grader; and Kelvin Porter, Nicholas Kuci, Max Otteson, and William Leiker, all in 11th grade

Second place: French Toast Mafia from Mexico High School with team members Dylan Dunn, a 12th-grader; and Kevin Mason, Derrick Mosher, and Daniel Scully, all 11th-graders

Third place: M.O.A.R., made up of homeschooled students, with team members Emma Krantz, in 11th grade; Christian Brazeau, a 10th-grader; Caleb Brazeau, in eighth grade; and Celine Brazeau, a seventh-grader

Fourth place: NASA: Not A Space Association 1965 from Paul V. Moore High School in the Central Square district, with team members Eric Davis and Lindsey Gancasz, both 12th-graders; Jeff Nystrom, an 11th-grader; and Brodie Lembo, a 10th-grader

Junior Division (grades four though eight)

First place: Pigs in Space, which was not affiliated with a school, with team members Tyler Broschart, Sadie Wildrick, and Sammy Beaver, all in seventh grade, and sixth-grader Jack Cofer

Second place: Team Mystic from Donlin Drive Elementary School, in the Liverpool school district, with team members Noah Eicholzer, Varshith Vakkalagedda, Sam Mingle, Dylan Lane, Seth Britton, Paul Clark, Khang Nguyen, and Mahmoud Al Obaiteri, all fifth-graders

Third place: Flying Fish from Boy Scout Troop 18 with team members Jake Tobin and Max Fischer, both in eighth grade; William Shamblen, a seventh-grader; and Ben Shon, in fifth grade

Fourth place: Spartan Spear from Pine Grove Middle School, in the East Syracuse Minoa district, with team members Justin Oakley, Tate Johnson, Alex Cavanaugh, Parker Gamble, Alex Wilson, John Courcy, and Tanner McKiven, all in sixth grade

Special Awards

Best Performing Recycled Rocket: We Are Number i^4

Most Technical Team, senior level: Close Air Support from Civil Air Patrol, with team members Cameron Finnie and Joe Wagner, both in 11th grade; Joshua Piquet, a ninth-grader; Stephen Maier, James Beach, and Samuel Hood, all in eighth grade; and John Woodruff, a seventh-grader

Most Technical Team, junior level: West Genesee Flying Penguin from West Genesee Middle School, with team members Nick Personte, Ryan Vormwald, Hunter Ambrusko, Megan Medina, and Rebecca Wiuszynski, all seventh-graders

Best Rocket Team Name: Van Duynamite Galaxy Girls from Van Duyn School in the Syracuse district. with team members Mareshah Israeil Kyley Gadoua, Kali Ward, Vakoria Rohadfox-Randell, and Serenity Sledge, all fifth-graders

Most Aesthetic Paint Job: Mighty Maroons from Auburn High School, with team members Maire Tehan, Lauren Meyers, Victoria Trumble, and Chris Homes, all in 11th grade

Closest to Launch Site: PS2 from Christian Brothers Academy, with team members Jorge Cabezas, a 12th-grader; and Patrick Kraft, Safian Perez, and Patrick Schmidt, all in ninth grade

Furthest from Launch Site: Fremont Flyers from Fremonth Elementary School in the East Syracuse Minoa district, with team members James Malbone, Noah Diaz, Connor Laitenburger, Carter Jacobs, Tristin Bush and Anthony John, all in fifth grade

Highest Flying LOC IV Rocket: The DownUnders, which wasn’t affiliated with a school, with team members Emily Rienhardt, Alexis Heindel, and Brianna Heindel, all fourth-graders. Their rocket rose 645 feet.

Highest Flying Graduator Rocket: Noodles and Rice from Morgan Road Elementary School in the Liverpool district, with team members Bridget Mahan, Matthew LaCombe, Mae LaCombe, and Ben LaCombe, all in fourth grade. Their rocket reached a height of 1,161 feet.

To access your team’s flight information, navigate to the Rocket Team Challenge page and sign in with the login used to register your team.

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