CNY Rocket Team Challenge

Middle and high school students build rockets from provided kits, detail them, and bring them to Skytop for launching. Teams are judged on the quality of their construction, knowledge of the subject, how well they estimated their trajectory, and whether or not their “eggstronaut” survived its ride into the sky.

‘Need to Know’ Information:


  • The competition is open to students in grades four through 12
  • Teams must have at least four members and cannot have more than eight members


  • The MOST supplies one rocket kit per team
  • MATERIALS PICKUP is scheduled for TBD
  • If you cannot pick up materials at the pickup times offered, you must make arrangements with Chief Program Officer Peter Plumley
  • At the competition, each team will receive an engine, one “eggstronaut” (don’t drop it!), and a prepackaged amount of wadding to use in the rocket


  • Registration is limited to two teams per grade level per school, with a maximum of six teams per school
  • Schools can register additional teams above the limit if they reuse a rocket, purchase their own rocket kits, or use rocket kits they picked up in previous years but never used
  • We have kits for 100 teams, 50 for graduator rockets and 50 for LOC IV rockets
  • We will create a waiting list for additional teams from schools that have reached their maximum and teams that registered after 100 teams have signed up
  • If you have never participated in rockets before, you must contact Chief Program Officer Peter Plumley.
  • Please complete all registration information, including the names and addresses of students participating


  • Every participating student receives a Certificate of Participation
  • The top four teams in each division – junior for students in grade four through eight and senior for high school students – receive a plaque and team members receive a medallion. The plaque should reside at the associated team school or organization.
  • There are special awards given to the rockets that flew the highest, landed farthest and closest to the launch site, best team name, and more
  • Participants are expected to remain for the awards ceremony

Odds & Ends:

  • The 2021 event will take place on TBD
  • More information on building rockets and what happens on the day of the event will be available closer to the event date
  • Lunch will be available for purchase

Here are some downloadable documents that provide more information:

The launches are fun to watch and the general public is invited to attend this FREE event! If you have questions, contact Chief Program Officer Peter Plumley.

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