CNY Rocket Team Challenge

How To Register:
Due to venue restrictions, our event must conclude by 12:30 PM. This means that registration is limited to 50 Teams (25 Graduator Rockets, 25 LOC IV Rockets), rather than the pre-COVID limit of 100. Please be considerate of this when registering your teams and aim to group your students into as few teams as possible so that all interested participants have a chance to compete. Families and friends are still welcome to attend and view the launches, all tents, coolers, chairs, blankets, and attendees must depart the site no later than 12:30 PM. As always, rockets will be inspected and launched in the order they arrive and complete all pre-launch steps.

Rocket Kits may be picked up beginning Saturday, May 7, at the MOST during open hours Friday – Sunday, or by appointment with

Saturday, June 4, 2022 (Rain Date: June 5)

Check-in begins at 8:00 AM – no earlier. All rockets must be checked in for pre-launch by 9:30 AMRockets are launched in the order they arrive & complete all pre-launch steps – first arrivals will generally be first off the ground. Event concludes and participants must vacate Skytop Field no later than 12:30 PM. There will be no in-person awards ceremony in 2022. 

Syracuse University Skytop Field (Directions)

What to Bring: 

  • Your team’s assembled rocket (see Inspection Criteria Required for Launch and Instructions & Rubrics below)
  • blankets/chairs/tents for field seating during the launches
  • sunscreen/water and apparel/footwear for outdoor conditions
  • cash for concession items

What we Provide:

  • Rocket motor and igniter
  • Protective wadding (~50gms)
  • “Egg”stronaut
  • Recording altimeter (~14gms)
  • Complimentary Bathroom Facilities
  • Lunch will be available for purchase from Syracuse University Concessions Stand

Instructions & Rubrics
How to Assemble the Rocket Kit
How to Predict Your Rocket’s Altitude for the Competition (RockSim Basics)
How to Prepare your Rocket for Launch
Judging Rubric Used at the Event

About the CNY Rocket Team Challenge

The CNY Rocket Team Challenge is a free annual student STEM competition in model rocketry. Teams of four to eight students design and assemble a model rocket kit provided by the MOST. On competition day, teams submit their rocket for judging on the quality of their construction, knowledge of the subject, how well they estimated their trajectory, and whether or not their “eggstronaut” survived its ride into the sky. Registration is free, and a free rocket kit is provided to each team that registers before the deadline (up to 100 teams, or 25 teams for the 2021 event). Awards are given to the top 4 highest scoring teams in two categories: Junior Division (Grades 4-8) and Senior Division (Grades 9-12). Awards are also given to the rockets that flew the highest, landed farthest and closest to the launch site, had the best team name, and more. 

Upon arrival at the competition, each team will participate in a judging interview and inspection and will receive an engine, one “eggstronaut” (don’t drop it!), and a prepackaged amount of wadding to use in the rocket.

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