CNY Regional VEX IQ Robotics Challenge

In response to pandemic precautions, VEX Robotics has instituted a live remote event format which requires that teams acquire their own fields/field element kits and connect to event hosts remotely via RobotEvents browser-based software. In lieu of hosting a formal 2020-2021 VEX IQ Challenge, the MOST is making resources and support available for local VEX IQ teams participating in these live remote events this season. VEX IQ teams can request assistance from the MOST in the form of:

  •  practice or exhibition time on VEX IQ fields at the MOST

  • technical support with the live remote event system

  • studio/equipment access for teams to connect to live remote VEXIQ events 

To request technical support, field time, or other assistance for your teams, please contact

Thank you to our sponsors:

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