Pathfinder Bank Presents Paleo: The Story of Life

Life on Earth has not always existed as it currently does. The fact that life began on Earth in the first place is miraculous due to the environmental factors needed for its beginnings and sustainability. The relentless pursuit of life over billions of years from small living molecules to complex creatures roaming, flying and swimming throughout the Earth has culminated into the current state of life’s existence as we know it on the planet we call home.

Paleo: The Story of Life is a 3,000-square-foot exhibit, spanning 4.6 billion years in scope. The exhibit presents casts of 128 rare fossils, including Lucy, Archaeopteryx, raptor and T Rex, among many others.

Drawn from the world’s foremost fossil collections, the Paleo exhibit showcases casts of rare fossils from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia – skeletons, skulls, claws and eggs gathered from prestigious museums, including the Smithsonian Institution, American Museum of Natural History, Royal Ontario Museum and Carnegie Museum, among others. Rarely available for viewing outside of their respective museums, these compelling artifacts are presented exclusively in Paleo: The Story of Life.

Fossils range from the earliest invertebrate marine life through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaurs to mammals and prehistoric humans. Paleo: The Story of Life explores the comprehensive story of prehistoric life on Earth.

The Paleo exhibit is a visiting exhibit and will be on display through May 27, 2018. It is located in the Horowitz Traveling Exhibit Area.

The MOST presents Paleo: The Story of Life in association with the International Museum Institute, Inc.

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