BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head

What’s more important than your brain? This organic computer is responsible for every thought, every motion and every response your body makes. Life itself is determined by brain activity.

BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head takes visitors on a journey inside the head, providing a hands-on and up-close look at the human body’s most essential and fascinating organ. Explore all facets of the brain, including its development, geography and function. In the process, the exhibit makes brain-related disorders easier to understand!

Designed to appeal to audiences of all ages, the exhibit employs innovative special effects, 3-D reproductions, virtual reality, hands-on learning activities and interactive technology to delve into the inner workings of the brain, including its processes, potentials and mysteries.

Probe the geography of a giant brain. Stand in the midst of the brain’s constant electrical brainstorm as thoughts and sensations are generated. Along the special journey, visitors will discover how the brain learns and thinks. They’ll learn the secrets of sleep and dreams and the dangers, causes and cures of disorders, diseases and mental illnesses. Plus, the exhibit takes visitors into the future of medical and technological exploration of the brain.

“This is an exciting educational experience that parents will want to share with their children,” said the Smithsonian’s Under Secretary for Science, J. Dennis O’Connor. “From the moment visitors walk into the exhibit, right through the electrical workings of a re-created functioning brain, they will be amazed by this groundbreaking presentation of important scientific information.”

Two objects in the exhibit come from the Smithsonian. One is a human skull from around 1300, found in Cinco Cerros, Peru, with signs of cranial surgery. The other is an epoxy cast of a triceratops brain cavity, made from a bisected fossil skull from an animal that lived around 70 million years ago. Both are from the collections of the National Museum of Natural History, which houses more than 120 million items.

BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head is made possible by Pfizer Inc, and was produced by Evergreen Exhibitions of San Antonio, Texas, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health.

Get hands-on as you explore and learn all about the brain you carry around each and every day!

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