Logo Sponsorships

Logo Sponsorships

Logo Sponsorships are a great, affordable way to get your business in front of our 110,000-plus visitors and members each year!

We print your company logo on high quality stock, mount it in a frame, and post it in high-traffic areas of the museum. Additionally, you receive two general admission passes to the museum.

We offer two terms: six months and 12 months. Funds raised from logo sponsorships go toward funding our education programs and ongoing exhibit and building preservation projects.

An enthusiastic MOST supporter, Kevin Nickels commented, “Nickels Energy Solutions is proud to sponsor the MOST because we support their mission and impact on the local community. The MOST has a significant impact on young members in our community who have an interest in science and technology, and we appreciate the exposure we have received from being one of their local sponsors. We look forward to a longstanding partnership supporting their important mission.”

If you are interested in a Logo Sponsorship, contact Executive Vice President Lauren Kochian by email or by phone at 315.425.9068 x2122.