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Spaces Available for Teams Requiring a Rocket: 5
Registered Teams Needing a Rocket (max. 100): 95 (status: open)
- LOC IV Bodies Assigned (max. 50): 48 (status: open)
- Graduator Bodies Assigned (max. 50): 47 (status: open)
Registered Teams Supplying a Rocket (max. unlimited): 0 (status: open)
Total Teams Registered: 95


CNY Rocket Team Challenge 2014
Spring Competition for Middle and High School Students

Organized by the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology (MOST) with the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University Major Sponsors: Lockheed Martin Corporation * TACNY * NASA New York Space Grant


CNY Rocket Team Challenge Registration 2014

Event Date: Saturday June 7th. Rain date Sunday June 8th.

Due to high demand and increasing costs to Rocket Team Challenge, we are limiting registration to two teams per grade level, per school up to a maximum of 6 teams per school. All registered teams must have a minimum of four students and all team members are expected to attend the launch on June 7th.

Funding is available for 100 teams, after which we will create a waiting list. Priority will be given to wait listed teams who have no other teams from their school or organization registered. There is a limit of 50 registrants per body type (Graduator and LOC IV) with a total maximum of 100 registrants for teams requiring rockets.

Additional teams from school or organizations who have registered the maximum allowed teams will also be placed on a waiting list, and, should there be remaining materials on May 2nd we distribute them evenly across these teams.

There is one exception to the regulations above - if you wish to repurpose a rocket used in a past Rocket Team Challenge or, purchase your own (LOC IV or Graduator), you will be allowed to register your additional teams regardless of the number of teams registered from your school.

One last item, for teams who received materials for the 2013 RTC and failed to show up for the competition, will not be allowed to register for new materials this year. You may of course register with the materials you have from last year.

Informational meeting and materials pick-up dates held at the MOST:

Thursday April 3rd or April 10th 2014, 3:00 pm - 5 pm.
Or pickup by arrangement with Peter Plumley

Questions or for more information, contact-
Peter Plumley at or 315-425-9068 x2163

Graduator Rocket Body

LOC IV Rocket Body

Teams Currently Registered:

Albino Squirrels
Apollo Appendix
Atom Juniors -- Syracuse Academy of Science
Atoms -- Syracuse Academy of Science
Atoms E -- Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary
Atoms JuniorsA -- Syracuse Academy of Science
Auburn Elite Aeronautics
Auburn Flying Aces
Big Picture Lunar Launch
CAP F.R. Sussey Composite Squadron Alpha
CAP F.R. Sussey Composite Squadron Bravo
Cazenovia Troop 18
Cohetes Cohort
CRS - team 1
Defying Gravity
Dragon Rocketeers
Dream Crushers
Ed Emith - 8th Grade
Ed Smith - 5th Grade
Ed Smith - 6th Grade
Ed Smith - 7th grade
Ed Smith - Titan II
Ed Smith 4th Graders
Engineering Pink - Team A
Engineering Pink - Team B
ESE Blue
ESE Green
ESE Orange
ESE White
ESM High Been There Done That
ESM Rocket Club
Felix the Rocket
Four Musketeers 2014
Fowler 1
Fowler Femme Fatale
Galactic Gators
Galaxy Rockets
Gator 1
Goddard's Gators
I love Pi
It's Gone Too High
Johnny Rocket
jukehesa MMXV
Look at It Go!
McGuire's Misils
Mercury 8
Mexico Fajitas
Mexico Tacos
Minoa Blue
Minoa Dragons
Minoa Orangw
Minoa White
OHMS - team 1
Pack Rats of 210
Phoenix: HMGG
Phoenix: Turkey Club
Progressus Idea Mechanica
Reckless Rocketeers
Rock Stars
Rockets Rock
Seymour Dual Language Academy's Red Wolves 4
Seymour Dual Language Academy's Red Wolves 5
Spirit Chasers
Stars in Their Eyes
Super Bees
Syracuse Cadet Squadron
Team Danforth
Team Rocket
The Atomic Atmosphere
The Auburn Astronauts
The Auburn Maroon Missiles
The Chosen
The Defeaters
The Fig Neutrons
The Phantom Menace
The Rainbow Dragons
The Rocket Bears
Thor's Hammer
Troop 210 Knights
Troop 210 Yetis
Unlicensed Pi Lots
USS Enterprize
West Genesee Middle Angry Salamanders
West Genny Launchers
West Genny Rocketeers
Winter is Coming


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