Scenes from the Space Gallery

Space Gallery

Keep up with the latest news in astronomy, cosmology, and space exploration in our appropriately dark Space Gallery, located behind the giant heart on the Lower Level of the permanent exhibits. Learn about different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, from radiation to radio waves.

No space gallery would be complete without a planetarium, and the Silverman Planetarium is located here. Twice a day on weekends and school vacations, and every day during the summer, visitors can learn about the stars that twinkle in the night sky – even why they twinkle! CLICK HERE to learn more.

Tucked into a tiny room near the planetarium is the Rotary TOPO Theater. Get a hands-on understanding of what topography is by creating mountains, valleys, and plains in the augmented reality sandbox. Watch what happens when you pile the sand high and hold your hand over it. Then take a turn flying through a topographic representation of an alien planet with the TOPO flyer.

The final section of the Space Gallery is Cosmic Connections, which takes a look at our place in the universe. And when you’re talking about the universe, you’re talking about numbers so large that they’re hard to imagine. How many kilometers in a light year? The number is so large that we need an extra-large calculator to figure it out! You can also learn about the nature of comets, dark matter, and dark energy here.