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CNYSEF Judges and Volunteers are extremely important to the Science Fair. Without them, the MOST would not be able to hold such an extraordinary educational event for Central New York youth.

Judges are utilized in scoring the individual student projects. As a Judge, you would analyze the project and confer with the student about their research and presentation.

Volunteers are utilized to set up the event, coordinate lunch time, record Judges scores, and a number of other duties during the event.

The MOST is very appreciative of all the time and effort put forth by our Judges and Volunteers and he hope that you will join us again this year.

If you would like to be a judge or volunteer please use the Museum Volunteer Application* for applying to be a volunteer or a judge for the CNYSEF. There is a place on that application for you to indicate that you are interested in CNYSEF as a judge or volunteer. If checked, we will contact you regarding your application. There is a link tot he application in the menu at the top of this page or you can also find the link to the application form under the Volunteer heading (the purple section) in the menu at the top of the main sites pages.

*You do not have to fill out the Museum Volunteer Application if you have volunteered in the past. Contact the Event Coordinator at if you are unsure if we have your information on file.



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