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Important announcement regarding the 2014 CNY Bridges Build'em and Bust'em event:

Due to a balsa wood shortage, this year's event will use basswood. Please be sure to use only wood materials distributed by the MOST this Fall.

Parking Map FREE PARKING is available in the Trolley Lot. It's located behind the MOST and through the underpass under the railroad tracks. Click on map to enlarge.

The 2014 event will be held on Saturday Nov 8th, 2014 from 8:00 - 1:00 PM at the MOST. The following describes the event from start to finish. To register for the event, contact the Event Coordinator at

1. To register teams Team Leaders must go to the Team Registration login link that is at the top of this page. Teams consist of 2 or 3 students. Team Leaders must have a MOST Web Account with login to register a team. 
2. Materials are picked up during Bridge Workshops. On these select days, students and leaders learn how to design and build a truss bridge, how the bridges are tested, and how the test results are ranked. You don't need to register for the workshops and can attend one or more should you need assistance with your design. If Team Leaders can not make the workshop times, they are to contact the Events Coordinator at to set up an alternate method to get materials for the bridge. Registration is also available at the workshops. 

Workshops are October 4th, 18th, from 10AM to Noon at the MOST.

Teams are required to use the balsa wood provided--(15) 2-foot 1/8 inch square pieces. They can use any amount of the wood provided. Glue is provided; however, alternate glues can be substituted. See Building Your Bridge for clarity on this topic.

Competition Levels:
There are three levels teams can enter:
          Category I (grades 4-6)
          Category II (grades 7-8)
          Category III (grades 9-12)
All categories build a truss bridge. The teams compete at the grade level of the most advanced student. For example, a team consisting of two 6th graders and one 7th grader is registered as a Category II team. Team members normally represent a single school or organization.

Every participating student receives a Certificate of Participation and an event T-shirt. 

The top four teams in each category receive a plaque and team members receive a medallion. The plaque should reside at the associated team school.

Registration closes Friday October 31st.

Contact the event coordinator at


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