Success Stories

Jonathan Hollander“I was lucky to grow up with the MOST,” said Jonathan Hollander, PhD, director of business development with Syracuse-based Applied Biorefinery Sciences. He recalled visiting the then-Discovery Center, which was filled with hands-on exhibits aimed at children.

“I gained a basic understanding about surface tension from creating bubbles the size of walls,” he said. “Decades later, I applied this concept on a nanoscale while researching atomic adhesion on the surface of semiconductors.”

During the 1990s and through last year, the MOST added permanent interactive exhibits on several topics, including alternative energy sources, Central New York geology, and life sciences. “Now when I visit the museum, I see examples of advanced engineering and materials design concepts all over – including some of the technologies I have been involved with developing over my scientific career!” Hollander added.

“Without a doubt, the MOST helped stoke my passion for pursuing science as a career,” he said. “It turned learning about science into a fun and social activity. I hope that one day I can show my own children, nieces, and nephews the museum and watch them grow up to create technologies that will fascinate future generations.”