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Traveling Science Program Costs:

Pre-K: 20 to 30 minute shows upto 20 students, children 2 and 3 year olds

Small group: up to 30 people for 45 minute show

Medium group: 30 to 50 people for 45 minute show

Large group: 50 to 75 people for 45 minute show

Auditorium Shows (or large room): 75 to 100 people


For Science Workshop: up to 25 students

Thank you for visiting the Education area. Here you can find information on group rates, activity guides, programs, and more. Please select from the options below or contact the Education Department if you need specific information.

An Educator’s Guide to the MOST
Traveling Science Programs
MOST Curriculum Project
Silverman Planetarium Shows
IMAX Teacher Guides
Booking a Group

Education Department Quick Contacts
Education Director: Nancy Volk ext. 2147
Sensory Friendly Night: Betty ext. 2143
Camps and Camp Ins: Kate ext. 2142
Traveling Science Program: Byron ext. 2148
Group reservations: Kelly ext. 2141

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