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In its return to the MOST, Amazon leads audiences downstream from its source in the snow-capped Andes and on down to the rainforests of South America. Climb aboard a boat and wind down the planet’s greatest river.

As you float along this almost 4,000 mile river you will glimpse plants, animals and natural beauty rarely seen by human eyes. Watch pink dolphins jump through the air, jaguars stare at you from the tree branches, and piranhas swim alongside your boat. Experience the sheer size of this temperate environment and learn to appreciate the important part that nature can play in our lives.

In addition to the wildlife, meet two “medicine men” from vastly different worlds, who share a common quest. Here, Western medical science meets myth and magic, a very real collaboration that may bring cures to diseases not yet cured. For centuries, the powerful Amazon has been the obsession of explorers, scientists and anthropologists. Now, it is your turn to take the trip.




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