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Current Movies
This is a list of the movies that are playing now at the Bristol IMAX Omnitheater. For showtimes click here. For museum hours and prices click here.

Alaska: Spirit of the Wild
In the vast reaches of Alaska, the last great Ice Age still endures. This is the ultimate story of survival, where life triumphs season after season against fierce conditions and challenges. The majesty and uniqueness of Alaska and the resiliency of life itself is portrayed with extensive footage of wild animals -- bears, moose, eagles, wolves, salmon and sea lions -- in their native environments.
Runtime - 40 minutes

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea
The film follows a team of scientists as they dive to research mysterious hydrothermal vents on the mid-ocean ridge. As the dive unfolds, the film and the scientists reveal the fantastic diversity of the deep: its strange communities of organisms, its shipwreck gardens, bioluminescent creatures and awesome giant predators.
Runtime - 45 minutes

Grand Canyon Adventure
Filmmakers combine exhilarating rafting on the Colorado River and the grandeur of Grand Canyon to tell an engaging story of how ordinary people can make a different for a planet that is running out of clean drinking water. The United Nations estimates that 40 percent of the world could face life-threatening shortages by 2050.
Runtime - 45 minutes

Flight of the Butterflies
Weighing less than a penny, a monarch butterfly makes one of the longest migrations on Earth to a place it has never known. Join hundreds of millions of real butterflies on an amazing journey to a remote and secret hideaway, and one scientist's 40-year search to unravel the mystery of where they go each fall.
Runtime - 45 minutes

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