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Current Movies
This is a list of the movies that are playing now at the Bristol IMAX Omnitheater. For showtimes click here. For museum hours and prices click here.

The Living Sea
The Living Sea invites you on a voyage of discovery through a colorful and vibrant underwater world. Follow scientists as they explore the world ocean from the remote islands of Palau to the coasts of Nova Scotia, surf Hawaii's pipe-line, and join the U.S. Coast guard during a daring rescue in some of the world's roughest seas!
Runtime - 40 minutes

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
The movie, narrated by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, takes audiences on a spectacular journey to the remote island nation of Madagascar. Lemurs arrived there as castaways millions of years ago and evolved into hundreds of diverse species, but they are now the most endangered mammal in the world. Meet SUNY Stony Brook Professor Dr. Patricia Wright, the world's foremost lemur expert, who is working to keep the adorable animals from going extinct.
Runtime - 45 minutes

Flight of the Butterflies
Weighing less than a penny, a monarch butterfly makes one of the longest migrations on Earth to a place it has never known. Join hundreds of millions of real butterflies on an amazing journey to a remote and secret hideaway, and one scientist's 40-year search to unravel the mystery of where they go each fall.
Runtime - 45 minutes

Rocky Mountain Express
Take a journey through the breathtaking vistas of the Canadian Rockies and relive the adventure of building a nearly impossible transcontinental railway - one of the greatest engineering feats of all time. The film weaves together aerial cinematography, archival photographs, and the rhythms of a steam locomotive to immerse audiences in history.
Runtime - 45 minutes

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