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Giant Kinetic Sculpture created in Central New York
provides smiles and science at the MOST

Humor, fun, noise, science, chaos wheels and moving parts…are all rolled up into a major and unique Kinetic Sculpture apparatus called “Technotown.”

Gregg             Ericka and Abby             Close-Up

Kinetic sculptures are typically mechanical and can be extremely complex with moving parts, rolling balls, noise and whimsy. They can be particularly complicated in attempting to accomplish ordinary feats, such as switching a light on. The new audio-kinetic exhibit at the MOST has been designed by George Rhoads and fabricated by Bob McGuire of Rock Stream Studios, Ithaca, NY. It engages people of all ages in learning about the scientific principles because it is so entertaining and intriguing.

Part of the MOST’s $6.5 million exhibit revitalization project, Technotown encompasses a variety of basic machinery elements and physics. It’s not only amusing and amazing; it’s also a chance to learn about science. Spectators will witness the conservation of energy, as one object collides with another, bringing one to a halt and sending the other in motion. Visitors also have the opportunity to interact with the exhibit and decide how certain things take place. Sections of the exhibit allow the guest to hold back the balls and then release them almost like a pinball machine.


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