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Learn about science & engineering at this year's MOST Summer Camps

Summer Camp

This year, the MOST is offering two weeks of camp:
July 21-25 Ages 9 to 12
Aug. 4-8 Ages 7 to 10

The July camp will explore the science of really small things: nanotechnology, or the science of manipulating matter on the molecular scale. Nano-sized particles make sunscreen invisible, solar panels flexible, and bandages germ-free. New products incorporating nanotechnology are coming out every day. Campers can imagine what the future will hold: nano-robots that can kill cancer cells, bio-nanobatteries that are only a few microns thick, or an invisibility cloak.

For the August camp, participants will focus on entomology, the study of insects, during the morning and engineering space design in the afternoon. This camp will provide a hands-on introduction to building different design models, space, and the world of bugs. Through play and exploration, campers will be able to determine if their science future is at their feet or among the stars.

Camps are limited to 22 children
A healthy snack is included
Campers must bring a lunch
Camp runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
The cost is $250 for MOST members and $280 for nonmembers
Register early; camps are expected to sell out
For more information, contact Corinne Mathews at (315) 425-9068 x2148
To sign up, contact Kelly Gardner at (315) 425-9068 x2121

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