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Flight in Space
An exciting journey through the sky!

Flight & Space is designed to inspire the creative minds of young people and develop an appreciation of dreams, inventors, and science. Perhaps a future pilot, astronaut or engineer exists within the many young people who will encounter the enjoyment of flight that Flight & Space provides.


Guests can climb into the cockpit of an F-16 jet and use the controls to make a model F-16 dip, dive, and fly. Raise your landing gear for takeoff and lower it for landing all while you control one of the most famous jets in history.

Guide a plane on to the runway of Hancock International Airport in the MOST Control Tower. Monitor radar to clear planes for landing, and then hold your breath as their landing gear makes impact and comes to a stop. Learn about navigational controls and the importance of radar systems to the safety of air travel.

Move amongst the planets of our solar system and stand alongside a three-story scale model of the Atlas V, a hard-working rocket that is scheduled to be an integral part of mankind’s return to the moon.

* This is just one of the many new additions to the museum as a result of our "Making More of the MOST!" campaign.  To learn more about the campaign, what's planned next, what's happened up till now, how we're doing and, most importantly, how you can get involved in the fun and support the museum, follow the link to the left titled "Making More of the MOST!" or use the navigation set below.

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