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Earn a scout badge and spend a night at the Museum of Science and Technology! Learn more about science and have the museum open just for your group after-hours.

Badges offered: Engineering Badge, Scientist Badge
We can also do programs with Cub Scout Loops. Loops/badges available are negotiable (if you'd like us to create a program around a different badge, just ask!)
If you are interested in a more generalized science program, we are able to accommodate your group's needs.

Sample Schedule (all times are general estimations):

6:00-6:30 - Arrival through camp-in entrance (street-level door to the right of main entrance). Door will be marked and open when Camp-In check-in is open. Scouts are split into sub-groups and given name tags

Science Playhouse time:
2.5/3 hours - Badge program activities (approx. 20 minutes each - rotations in sub groups)

Snack (Provided by the MOST) and Bathroom Break

Planetarium Show or IMAX movie (Planetarium show -20/40minutes, IMAX - 45minutes)

Bedtime/Lights out (usually around 11pm):

**Planetarium shows seat a maximum of 50, so more than one show may be required. IMAX shows hold up to 214 guests**

Wake up call
7 am - lights on/pack up gear
7-7:30 Breakfast (provided by the MOST)
7:30-8:30 Free time in the museum/store
8:30 Departure


  • Respect all Boy Scout and Girl Scout rules
  • Lights out is quiet time - please respect others - morning will come earlier than you think
  • At least 1 adult per 10 children is required
  • Boy Scouts respect the policy of 2 deep leadership - 2 adults always present
  • Children are to remain with adults at all times in the museum

What to Bring:

  • Sleeping bag and a pillow - Remember to plan for an overnight stay at the museum, there are no beds; you will be camping out on the floor of the museum. Cots are allowed, but please be advised that you will be responsible for carrying your cot and your luggage around the museum.
  • Whatever toiletries and medications you may need overnight
  • Bedclothes
  • A change of clothes for the next day
  • Money for the store/laser maze/motion simulator in the morning (optional)

What is Provided:

  • Snack (usually consisting of fruit, granola bar, chips or pretzels, and 100% juice drink)
  • Breakfast (usually consisting of cereal, bagels, fruit, orange juice, coffee for adults)
  • Programming to earn a badge (or loop)!
  • Actual badges are the responsibility of each council/troop to obtain


When purchasing our snacks for the evening we ensure everything is processed in a peanut free facility. If there are other allergies that we need to know about, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate accordingly. Our vending machines serve products that are not from peanut-free facilities.

Special Needs:

We are more than happy to modify our program to suit children and guests with special needs. Please let us know in advance if this is something you would like us to accommodate.


  • $40/child
  • $25/adult
  • Group Minimum of $2,500 without an IMAX
  • General Admission Imax: $5.00/person extra

Please contact our Camp-In coordinator at (315) 425-9068 x2148 with questions or to book a program for your group.


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