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So you say you just can't get enough of the MOST...

well we made this section just for you. Now you can play at home until your next visit. This section is where we put all of the games, puzzles, and other fun stuff to fiddle around with.

Don't forget to drop by the museum and ask an educator that question that's been bugging you. If you have any good ideas, feel free to contact us. We are always looking for good innovative ideas. We can't promise we'll use them, but hey...ya' never know.

If your school would like to use anything from our site, please drop the Web Manager a line before you do. We also have other fun things like scavenger hunts and projects available at the museum. For those, just contact the Education Director at the museum using the Contact Page.

Use the links under the Cool Stuff heading at the top of this page to navigate throught the Cool Stuff Pages.

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